How do you pronounce your name?
My name is pronounced “Imka”

Where is that name from and what does it mean?
My name is from Friesland, the Northern part of the Netherlands and literally translates to “awesome” and “beehive”.

Are you from there?
Yes, however I’m from the southern part of the Netherlands, a little place called Venlo.

When did you move to the US?
When I was 14, we were living in Dubai at the time when we won the green card lottery in one lucky entry.

What more can you tell us?
Ymke is 22, an art director/ photographer from the Netherlands who is currently living in Chicago, before she lived in 4 countries, 4 US states, and 13 different houses. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, with a bachelor of fine arts in Photography. 

Although her degree is in photography, Ymke focused on overall design while at school, and picked up on graphic design and art direction. She is currently living in Chicago working as a freelance art director.

In her free time she surfs in a heavy wetsuit on the lakes, paints and repaints canvases, organizes photoshoots, and skates around town.

Ymke is available to work just about anywhere.
Email Ymkef@outlook.com for prints, questions or a chat!